Saturday, October 13, 2012

first frost

First frost today and, as if on cue, a small flight of Canada Geese honked across the blue, blue sky headed for other climes.

A Post-It stuck to the computer screen informed me in a relatively neat hand that my younger son had made it home safe and sound and that he "did NOT get arrested" during a night out with friends last night. As a parent, I am happy to be kept in the loop.

I assume he must have arrived around 4 a.m. since, uncharacteristically, I found myself awake at that time, wishing I could go back to sleep, but succeeding poorly. The restlessness and the fatigue left in its wake suggests that a plan to rejoin the peace picket line after several (hot) months of not going may remain unrealized: Getting suited up in robe and rakusu ... well, it requires an energy I may not be willing to expend.

We'll see.

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