Wednesday, October 31, 2012

evolution and devolution

OK, evolution and devolution are not two things: They are part and parcel of the same thing... same guy, different clothes.

Nevertheless, having been nourished on an evolution-diet, it is somehow difficult to get accustomed to devolution, that other shoe that is always dropping.

Child evolves into adult. Employment turns to success. Love turns to assumption. Supermarket shopping becomes supper on the table.

And a weak vocabulary, with luck, gets stronger (assuming it doesn't get stalled on "awesome" or "s/he goes").

For me, however, the words are slipping away like friends at a party ... disappearing through the door as if bound for a more exciting get-together or some more-receptive dwelling place. Suddenly, the word I am looking for is no longer there and equally suddenly the sentences, "I feel great" and "I feel astral-projection" do not seem all that different. The meaningless and the meaningful carry, in one brief second or another, an equal weight. It may be insane, but somehow it makes sense.

Evolution or devolution, who am I to complain?

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